Thursday, January 29, 2009

Which scientists really made a big difference?

Physicist friend David Snoke writes to say:
As I have been studying physics over the past decades, I conclude the following are the real towering geniuses:


Each gave us entirely new paradigms in the context of beautiful math, with intuitive leaps that were quickly confirmed by experiment.

Various names get tossed about in regard to quantum mechanics, but most of them actually added more obfuscation and bad philosophy than clarification. Dirac is the one who gave us all the basics of the modern quantum mechanical field theory. If his ideas had come sooner we might not have all the bad new-agey philosophy of QM we have now.
Snoke has, of course, been the target - due to the Behe, Snoke paper, of many yapping Darwinist packs because of the type of thing you will encounter here and here for links to ridiculous hagiography of the old Brit toff - along with appropriate antidotes to splitting a gut laughing at the fact that anyone could actually, really believe this stuff!

To me, the really big scandal is that, even though Behe and Snoke are both committed Christians, the "ASA list" - the "official" US organization of Christians in science is dedicated to hearing any scandal whatever against people who think that the universe shows evidence of intelligent design.

No. It doesn't make sense to me either. I believe that that organization needs a pretty thorough housecleaning.
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