Thursday, January 15, 2009

Science fiction: What if God resigned? What would change?

Here's the latest online short story from Australian Jason Rennie's online Science Fiction and Philosophy shop: "Epilogue" by British author Paul S. Jenkins, free in a number of formats, about the day God decides to resign:
“Let me summarise my proposed course of action. Soon after the end of this broadcast, and of those transmitted to other countries, I shall be vacating my position as overseer of the world, indeed of the universe. I shall be going you-know-not-where, never to return. It will be as if I had never existed, a state of affairs which correlates quite closely with the views held by a significant proportion of you.

“The result of this action will be to render some specific questions irrelevant: Did the universe have a creator? Does mankind have free will? What is the meaning of life?
You can discuss the story there as well. Is it true, for instance, that free will requires the exisitence of God? Free will is, for example, foundational to Buddhism, but God is not.

Also, Rennie is look for Sydneyside actors to help produce Steve Fuller's play about the day Lincoln and Darwin appear on a talk show. Go here for more details.