Sunday, February 22, 2009

Intelligent design of the universe as possible science finding

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A friend writes to say about this post at Discover Magazine's blog, "Big Surprises,":
This intriguing blog post (read to the end) suggests that Carroll sees design as a possible scientific finding, one that would be profoundly surprising.
Sean Carroll [pictured above] asks,
But there are plenty of other good possibilities; what if we discovered tachyons, or that there really was an Intelligent Designer? Suggestions welcome.
My friend notes,
One of the commenters points out, however, that the discovery of design would be surprising only to "those who don't believe in one -- which is a relatively small group," albeit a group that contains Sean Carroll, Steven Weinberg, and I'd bet most of Carroll's friends and colleagues. Those selection effects will bite you every time.

Fascinating to see how often ID comes up in the comments.
Someone provided a link to the film of Carl Sagan's Contact novel too.

And - aw, come on, you knew this was coming - here's the Contact film trailer: