Friday, May 29, 2009

Origin of life: Speculation rents the "science" costume - leaves without head

In Probability's nature and nature's probability: A call to scientific integrity, information scientist Donald E. Johnson tackles, among other things, the origin of life.

Johnson takes on the aimless speculation that characterizes so much consensus science today on such issues:
... one should not be able to get away with stating "it is possible that life arose from non-life by ..." without first demonstrating that it is indeed possible (defined in the nature of probability) using known science. One could, of course, state "it may be speculated that ...," but such a statement wouldn't have the believability that its author intends to convey by the pseudo-scientific pronouncement."(p. 5)
I myself am so fed up with pseudoscientific pronouncements on the origin of life that I decided to cover all such stories here at Colliding Universes, along with speculations about the end of the universe - rather than at Post-Darwinist, where many claims, whether well-supported or not, have at least some basis in fact.

This is a great book for scientists with a background in probability who want to understand why there is a controversy over design in the universe.