Saturday, April 18, 2009

Fine tuning

I haven't been able to post recently, due to the demands of a recent freelance job, but my friend Wintery Knight advises me that this and this are useful defenses of the fine tuning of our universe. Personally, I haven't the least doubt that our universe is fine tuned, and I am hardly interested in hearing about a zillion imaginary flopped universes as an alternative explanation.

Many years ago, a missionary doctor told me that most Africans - in the nation he was proud to serve - had little use for communists or communism because the communists said there is no God - so we can do whatever we want.

The Africans generally said, "Everyone knows there is a God. Every reasonable person can see that. The world we live in shows it clearly. What people want to know is how to get in touch with him, and get help for our problems."

I think the Africans had the better of that argument.