Saturday, March 28, 2009

Extraterrestrial life? Well, maybe, but I am not putting any money on it

Apparently, Alan Boss thinks that the Kepler mission will find planets crowded with life:
I'm a bit skeptical myself, much as I would like it to be true. A vacation in another solar system would be just the thing, but ...

The thing is, Boss cannot promise more than bacteria (or - this might be wiser - archaea?), and the difficulty is (this much should be obvious): Extraterrestrialists tend to agree that bacteria (or at least archaea) could travel on asteroids.

So they might all tend to look somewhat like this. Maybe the started on Earth ...

Somewhat disappointing for a person of my "Take me to your leader" generation.

Bill Dembski blogged on this here ("Cook the primeval soup for billions of years and voila!").

Here's the YouTube: