Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Science fiction scores big - on the reference shelf?

This podcast sounds like it would be fun to listen to:

Materialist science fiction at a public library

On this episode of ID the Future, Casey Luskin examines the lame materialist science fiction being promoted to students at a local public library. With wild speculations on the existence of life outside our planet based on the idea that life just takes a "bing" and some interstellar chemicals, this book should be not on reference shelves, but in the science fiction section. Listen in as Luskin lays a Dewey decimal smackdown on Life on Other Planets.

One of the problems with the multiverse idea is precisely that it blurs the line between science and science fiction - oh, but wait, somewhere in the multiverse, science fiction is real. So, I suppose, is witchcraft.

Here's your vid fix for the day: A guy named David Tow on the multiverse, in a science, religion, and philosophy course:

Be glad you're here, it could be worse.

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