Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Solar system: Ours is special, researchers say

At The Future of Things, thanks to Shalhevet Bar-Asher, we read:
Research conducted by a team of North American scientist shows our solar system is special, contrary to the accepted theory that it is an average planetary system. Using computer simulations to follow the development of planets, it was shown that very specific conditions are needed for a proto-stellar disk to evolve into a solar system-like planetary system. The simulations show that in most cases either no planets are created, or planets are formed and then migrate towards the disk center and acquire highly elliptical orbits.
I've heard lots of information along these lines and hope to present more.

Here's the paper on the Archiv Web site, published in Science.

Meanwhile, check out the seething combox at the Future of Things site. Some people do NOT like the idea that design is a factor in our universe. They prefer to think that everything just happened somehow - you know, the way housework gets done even though no one but Big Sis is at home ... but everyone knows that BVig Sis is "lazy," so the housework must have evolved itself done.

But their preferences are not fast-breaking news or anything. Their preferences are the local superstitions one must learn to live with. Superstitions, after all, are not supplanted overnight.