Saturday, July 26, 2008

Increase in UFO sightings in Canada ... ?

Tiffany Crawford (Canwest News Service July 18, 2008) reports,
Canadians in four provinces reported seeing a record number of unidentified flying objects in 2007, according to an annual report released by a Winnipeg-based non-profit organization that has recorded UFO sightings since 1989.

The UFOlogy Research Institute, which compiles data from sources including Transport Canada and the Department of National Defence, said researchers examined 836 alleged UFO sightings in 2007, an increase of almost 12 per cent over 2006.
Does this prove Canucks are Ca-nuts? Well, maybe. But not necessarily.

In the wake of National Geographic's Extraterrestrial and increased funding for pursuit of extraterrestrial life, no doubt many more amateurs are anxious to help.

And the more people look up at the night sky, the more strange things will be discovered - or anyway believed in.

Note: Kind readers have written to advise me that "sitings" should be "sightings." The kind readers are right but right, but for search and link reasons, I cannot change it in the link code, only in the hedder.